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~ Welcome to David's Website ~

Well, looks like you have managed to stumble upon my humble little corner of the cosmos. And since you're here, allow me to offer up a bit of entertainment in the form of a story or two.

My name is David, and I'm honored that you have dropped by. You will find short stories that I have placed here for your enjoyment along with information on the books that I have published. If you find yourself in need of an answer or two, feel free to toss me a note.

Who am I? Well, since you asked (you did, didn't you?) I'll tell you. My name is David, and I was born back in 1965 (Yeah, I'm freaking old!) Grew up in Alexandria, VA, and moved to Florida in 1999. And in all my years, I've read hundreds upon hundreds of books. I've also played with writing a story or two, and in 2000, I picked up the pen more seriously.

In fact, I think it's worth mentioning that I take writing seriously. And I strive, on a daily basis, to improve my writing… No, I strive to master writing. I seek perfection, not only in the way the words come together but also in the way they are presented. So if you see an error, I want to hear about it. And I promise to go outside and whip myself one hundred times. Okay, well maybe not that many…

Contrary to popular opinion, there are some very good stories out there in the self-published world. In fact, some famous authors are using self-publishing as a vehicle to bring back out of print books. The problem is finding the good books in the ocean of sour pages that exist out there. With places like Lulu.com offering self-publishing for free, anyone can get a book printed. And this means the quality varies from horrific to outstanding. That's why I started Gloomwing, to help the worthy books shine through. But that's another story.

I welcome you to my site, young or old. I invite you to browse, and I invite you to ask questions. Feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Rune Quest: Jera's Birthright
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Draco Spiritus
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The Summerstone Legacy
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Bit Banging I2C
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