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The Summerstone Legacy

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“engaging work of science fiction.”

Every sunrise holds the promise of a day filled with the unknown. And we take comfort in expecting the day before us to be just as safe as the one we've just lived. For Katy and Milly, the morning that changed their lives forever seemed normal. But events would soon take them into the unknown, sending them racing across the solar system to save their lives. And in this flight for survival they will get caught up in events that are beyond their control, events that will leave not only their lives forever changed, but also the souls of every living person in the solar system. And these events will leave both mother and daughter eternally scarred.

The Summerstone Legacy ~ A Closer Look

When I first started working on The Summerstone Legacy all I had was a concept about a world where nanobots had become an every day fact of life. But what happens when the nanobots become the next intelligent life form? And we lose control over them? And this simple idea became the foundation behind The Summerstone Legacy but as I put into words the story of Katy and Milly Summerstone the tale became far more then I had ever initially planned. In fact, the tale picks up after this evolution of technology has already begun and the soon are caught up in events far beyond their control.

The Summerstone Legacy is also about reckless advancement of technology and the possible devastating results it can have on a society. It truly astonishes me to see our society eating up technology as if it where a harmless piece of candy. But don't get me wrong, I love technology and all the wonderful things it can do for us. My concern is with our reckless development without truly understanding the ultimate impact that latest discovery will have. Only the fool sticks his hand into the dark deep hole without finding out what's in there first.

But then mankind has been doing that for centuries… And somehow we've managed to survive.

~ Reader Reviews ~

David Wayne Hoffman's The Summerstone Legacy is an entertaining and engaging work of science fiction. He paints a very vivid picture of a not-too-distant future where technology and the government are frighteningly intrusive in society - particularly for Katy Summerstone and her daughter, Milly.

The story focuses on their reluctant journey through space itself on a mission to not only save their own lives, but those of everyone in the solar system. David's Katy and Milly are well-developed characters that evoke the reader's emotions and leave you wanting more well after the book ends. Hopefully a sequel, or even a series, is already in the works…

—Nancy Maciag

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